ZAMFI Launches Regulatory Review on the Microfinance Sector

The Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions (ZAMFI) today used the occasion of their 3rd Annual Microfinance Sector Winter School in Kariba, to launch a regulatory review of their sector. The Winter School is taking place from 18 and 20 May under the theme “Tranversing the Microfinance Landscape”.

 2017 ZAMFI Winter School - Presentations

1 Bon Vie Medical Health
2 EcoCash Winter School Presentation
3 Ecocash Winter School Presentation 2
4 HIT Winter School Presentation
5 KCI Winter School Presentation
6 Microfinance Regulation - Sharing Experiences
7 Paynet and Microserv Winter School Presentation
8 RBZ Winter School Presentation
9 Software Group Winter School Presentation
10 Twenty Third Century Systems Winter School Presentation
11 WABAZ Winter School Presentation
12 ZMF Winter School Presentation

Annual Performance Report for the Microfinance Sector as at March 2017

The performance of the sector during this quarter reflects an industry that is doing well in terms of outreach and profitability while facing a key challenge with respect to portfolio quality. Kindly click on the link below to download the latest report.

ZAMFI Summary

ZAMFI (Zimbabwe Assocition for Microfinance Institutions) is the umbrella body for microfinance institutions. Our vision is to transform the quality of life of the poor and marginalised communities. Our mission is to advocate for an enabling regulatory and funding environment and to promote best practices in the provision of demand- driven services for the growth of the microfinance industry in Zimbabwe.