Executive Certifcate in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship Course

National University of Science and Technology – CENTRE FOR CONTINUING EDUCATION in partnership with the ZIMBABWE ASSOCIATION OF MICROFINANCE INSTITUTIONS is proud to introduce the ECME Intake Program which is going to commence on 11 Feb 2023

About ECME

NUST Centre for Continuing Education and ZAMFI launched the Executive Certificate in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship (ECME) course in 2018 and since then more than 200 students have graduated with certificates from the program. The ECME course program was designed to develop the next generation of microfinance practitioners in the industry, equipped with cutting edge skills and knowledge related to international microfinance best practices and conduct. To this end the programme makes use of current practitioners, past practitioners and practitioners who have been directly involved with the subjects under offer. The online facility makes sure we encompass students from all over the country as compared to straight jacketed classroom face to face programmes which exclude other aspiring students. ZAMFI therefore urges all practitioners to enroll their Officers so that they meet with the most current local and international interface with microfinance. The students also learn from peer experiences.

Online and Distance Education for ECME Program for 2023

The ECME program for 2023 shall be undertaken under a blended learning strategy which was already approved for all universities by government in 2020. This strategy is primarily designed to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted flow of the course program as well as protecting the health of students, lecturers and administrators of course programs. In general, it is a mixture of limited campus lecturing, use of affordable and convenient online learning tools and distance education.

Duration: The program shall run for a six (6) month period with two (2) blocks made up of four course modules. At the end of each block, the students will be requested to sit for an exam designed to test the application of knowledge, application and insights in a practical microfinance working environment.

The course program shall start on Saturday 11 February 2023.

Application Fee:A non-refundable fee of ZWL$8000.00

Tuition Fee:US$45.00 per module i.e. US$180.00 per block or ZWL$ equivalent.

Application/Registration forms:These are attached to this advert and also available at the ZAMFI offices and Bulawayo NUST CCE Office. Kindly send a scanned copy with your details to email:tpamacheche@zamfi.org and gnhepera@gmail.com before 03 February 2023.

Registration and payment of fees deadline: 03 February 2023.

Contact Details

ZAMFI offices,74 Rhodesville Avenue
Greendale , Harare

Telephone +263 242 702146-7 or 2702173
Tinashe Pamacheche +263 715 868595
Judith Nyanderu +263 772 810133
George Nhepera +263 772 149459

Below are the course modules for the two blocks of the program:

1st Block/Semester 2rd Block /Semester

  1. Fundamentals of Microfinance
  2. Principles of Entrepreneurship
  3. Microfinance Lending and Risk Management
  4. Financial and Social Performance Analysis for Microfinance Institutions (MFIs)

  1. Fundamentals of Digital Money and Finance
  2. Regulation and Supervision of Microfinance Institutions
  3. Market Research and Marketing of Microfinance Services
  4. Strategic Business Planning for Microfinance Institutions(MFIs)and SMEs

ZAMFI Banking Details

Account Name: ZAMFI
Bank: First Capital Bank
Account Number: 6816154
Code: 2157

Executive Certifcate in Microfinance and Entrepreneurship Course
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