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Platinum category fee- $2400 per annum

Platinum category offers the benefits in the Silver & Gold membership categories plus the following:

  1. The member has the priority and right of first refusal to participate in international business trips and workshops/trainings to which ZAMFI has been invited.
  2. A Platinum member can display promotional materials free of charge at all ZAMFI functions, including member meetings and winter/summer schools.
  3. 50% off for advertising on ZAMFI website.
  4. The member will have an opportunity to share experiences at members’ meetings and facilitate also.
  5. The member shall be an opinion leader at meetings, shall be called upon to assist Secretariat where needed and/or necessary

*See also Silver Category and Gold Category


Gold category fee- $972 per annum

Gold category offers the benefits in the silver membership category plus the following:

  1. The member has the second priority and right of refusal, after the Platinum group members, to participate in international business trips and workshops to which ZAMFI has been invited.
  2. Advertising on ZAMFI website at subsidized fee (15%)

*See also Silver Category and Platinum Category


Silver category fee- $540 per annum

Silver category members access the following services from ZAMFI:

A) Capacity Building & Training

  1. Staff training on international best practices microfinance courses at subsidized rates.
  2. Accesses to technical microfinance advisory services
  3. Provision as per request, individual performance reports
  4. Provision as per request individual compliance reports with laws, directive and core client protection principles.

B) Lobbying and Advocacy

  1. Lobbying by the association on behalf of members with key stakeholders such as government, regulatory authorities, developmental partners, donors and investors
  2. ZAMFI can accompany a member to meetings on an issue that the particular member needs be to addressed as long it is in line with ZAMFI objectives and not detrimental to other members.
  3. Negotiating and bargaining where possible of behalf of members for supports services such as IT, external audits, ratings and legal services.

C) Networking & Information Dissemination

  1. Access to research papers and presentations on latest trends and developments in the microfinance sector, locally, regional and internationally, where ZAMFI could have been invited
  2. Attendance to membership meetings fully/partially paid for by ZAMFI
  3. Peer to peer information sharing

*See also Gold Category and Platinum Category



Contact Details - Head Office

74 Rhodesville Ave
Harare, Zimbabwe
Landline: +263 24 2702 146/7 or 2702173
Email: info@zamfi.org


Mimosa Building(Opposite Bulawayo Centre)
Room 4, 3rd floor, 9th Avenue/J.M Nkomo Street, Bulawayo
Tel: +263 9 67485
Email: info@zamfi.org