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newPerformance Report of the Microfinance Sector as at 30 September 2018 (Microfinance Credit Only Sector) now ready for downloading 

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    Mustard Seed Advisory (MSA) is a development finance consulting firm providing technical support services to financial instituitions including banks, private companies, non-governmental organisations and international aid agencies. The company supports and builds capacity of financial instituitions by poroviding Market Research, Product Development, Instituitional Development and Human Capital Development.

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  • Analysis Of The Performance Of The Microfinance Sector In Zimbabwe - Dec 2017

    2017 results with respect to outreach reflects a sector largely on a rebound with total disbursed loans for the year amounting to $197.2 million compared with $166.0 million in 2016, an increase by $31.2 million or 18.7%. This is inspite of the year 2017 being the period when interest ceiling of 10% interest rates by the Central Bank was introduced effective January 2017.

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  • Analysis Of The Performance Of The Microfinance Sector In Zimbabwe - March 2018

    march 2018 report

    ZAMFI notes that the first half of the year has been a difficult period for the microfinance sector on account of many challenges bedeviling the sector which could potentially spillover into the second half. The top five challenges of great concern to the sector included high cost of funding, shortage of cash & foreign currency, a general rise in cost of operations, limited product development and the perceived high country risk.


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  • ZAMFI Launches Regulatory Review on the Microfinance Sector

    The Zimbabwe Association of Microfinance Institutions (ZAMFI) today used the occasion of their 3rd Annual Microfinance Sector Winter School in Kariba, to launch a regulatory review of their sector. The Winter School is taking place from 18 and 20 May under the theme “Tranversing the Microfinance Landscape”.

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  • Analysis Of The Performance Of The Microfinance Sector In Zimbabwe - March 2018

    2018 review

    Microfinance outreach for the quarter ending March 2018 was $115.6 million forcredit only MFIs that are members to ZAMFI, an increase by 17.1% from the outreach figures reported in December 2017 of $98.7 million. Inspite of the increase, the number of active borrowers has decreased from 173 348 clients to 165 450, an indication that MFIs have increased their average loan per person.


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    Analysis Of The Performance Of The Microfinance Sector In Zimbabwe - Sept 2018

    September 2018 report

    The total assets for the microfinance credit only sector amounted to $206.3 million as at 30 September 2018. These sector’s total assets were dominated by loans which constituted 87.0% of the total sector assets while fixed assets which represented non-interest earning assets amounted to 4% of the total sector assets.


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Mr Eilex Felix Muzvondiwa is currently the Executive Director in charge of operations at Yambukai Holdings (Pvt) Ltd, one of Zimbabwe’s leading micro finance Institutions, since 2000. Eilex has extensive experience in the banking, capital market operations, investments, and insurance and pension funds. In addition to his Honours degree in Economics (UZ), Eilex also has a full IOB(Z) diploma where he obtained prizes in Economics and Financial Management as well as a Masters in Business Leadership from UNISA. As a true God fearing person (which all of us should be), Mr Muzvondiwa, in addition to his earthly educational qualifications, also holds a diploma in Theology from the Africa Christian Training School. Mr Muzvondiwa will be dynamically active in the Finance and Human Resources (FHRC) committee of the ZAMFI board whose main function is to secure and safeguard the future of the Association.


Contact Details - Head Office

9th Floor Causeway Building
Cnr 3rd /Central Avenue
Harare, Zimbabwe
Landline: +263 24 2702 146/7 or 2702173
Email: info@zamfi.org


Mimosa Building(Opposite Bulawayo Centre)
Room 4, 3rd floor, 9th Avenue/J.M Nkomo Street, Bulawayo
Tel: +263 9 67485
Email: info@zamfi.org