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In response to the desire to professionalize the microfinance sector, practitioners felt that a specific educational, practical and industry demanded course in microfinance was desirable and necessary. ZAMFI together with NUST CCE piloted the Executive Certificate in Microfinance and Entrepreneur- ship (ECEME) course in Bulawayo. It proved to be a huge success with an intake of 20 and 17 completed the course.

The course is now being extended to our Harare members

Course Objectives

ZAMFI as the apex board for the majority of MFIs in the country is aware of the fact that MFIs do face a myriad of challenges both at strategic, institutional and market levels. The most pressing issues relate to control of credit risk, over-indebtedness, quality of management, and business planning and risk management among others. In partnership with NUST CCE, ZAMFI has managed to design a world- class microfinance programme meant to expand the knowledge, skills and insights of microfinance practitioners so as to be able to steer their MFIs towards high performance execution. In any event, according to a ZAMFI 2010 strategic plan, skills deficiency ranked highest and it is time to get this out of the way.

The first block for this intake shall run from 06 April 2019 to 30 June 2019.

 Microfinance institutions are being invited to consider seconding their appropriate employees to be enrolled for this intake. It is envisaged that the company should consider making payments for their members of staff and explore considerate means of recouping their investment either through a soft loan basis or a bonding of the “trained” person. This is a matter for internal discourse.

Target Group:

This course is ideally for the following people:

  • Cadres already employed in the microfinance sector but have no intrinsic background to the basics and development of microfinance
  • Entrepreneurs of small to medium enterprises who have a keen interest in MF and/or SME development
  • Employees of government department and NGOs involved in running microfinance projects for marginalized communities.

Duration: 6 months split into 2 x 3 months blocks conveniently being weekend classes: full day Sat- urdays and half day Sundays or alternatively, evening classes. The intake shall determine.

Application Fee: a non-refundable fee of $15.00

Tuition Fee: $120 per module i.e. $480.00 per block. If payment is being done by the individual, a payment of half deposit of $240.00 shall be accepted with the balance payable within three months period.

Registration and Payment of Fees deadline: 31 March 2019.

Contact Details

ZAMFI Offices
9th Floor, Causeway Building,
Cnr 3rd Street & Central Avenue, Harare
Tel: 263 – 24- 2702 146-7 or 2702 173

Harare Contact: Clara Kupfuma
Cell: 0772 242 452
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ZAMFI Offices
3th Floor, Mimosa Building, Cnr 9th Avenue/ Main Street, Bulawayo
Tel: 263 – 09- 67485

Bulawayo Contact: George Nhepera Cell: 0778 149 459,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

The classes will run on a block/semester basis as follows:

1st Block/Semester

2rd Block /Semester

Date : 06 April 2019 - 30 June 2019

Date : 05 August 2019– 31 October 2019

Modules :

1. Fundamentals of Microfinance
2. Principles of Entrepreneurship
3. Microfinance Lending and Risk Management
4. Financial and Social Performance Analysis for Microfinance Institutions( MFIs)

Modules :

5. Small Business Risk Management
6. Regulation and Supervision of Microfinance Institutions
7. Market Research and Marketing of Microfinance Services
8. Strategic Business Planning for MicrofinanceInstitutions(MFIs) and SMEs

Contact Details - Head Office

74 Rhodesville Ave
Harare, Zimbabwe
Landline: +263 24 2702 146/7 or 2702173
Email: info@zamfi.org


Mimosa Building(Opposite Bulawayo Centre)
Room 4, 3rd floor, 9th Avenue/J.M Nkomo Street, Bulawayo
Tel: +263 9 67485
Email: info@zamfi.org