creating sustainable microfinance

Date Tue, 04 November 2021
Venue Virtual Platform
Time 08:30am-3:30pm with break inbetween
Fee USD$45 or RTGS equivalent at interbank rate

NB: Please note that the course is a rerun which we have brought back as a result of the demand for the course.

Why Credit Risk and Delinquency Management in MFIs?

The world’s on and off relationship with COVID-19 implies a new set of skills. Governments will move from restrictions to various levels of lockdown but in that environment businesses must find or create space to live in those environments. The alternative is for institutions to die. Lending activities is the mainstay of MFIs. According to the ZAMFI Performance Report of March 2021, portfolio at risk was reported to be 14.36% as at March 2021, compared with 9.35 % as at 31 December 2020, deterioration by 5.01%.

The upcoming course is therefore designed to quickly explore, examine, re-skill and re-tool lending officers on new and pragmatic real time credit risk strategies and controls which should be designed to respond and work in the new “normal” environment.

Targeted Participants

This course is intended for those that missed the first one conducted on 20 July 2021. It is targeted for Lending Officers and Risk Managers in microfinance institutions, including branch managers and credit recovery officers involved in day to day lending operations.

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