A Big Conratulations to Mrs Elna Noncebo Chikudza

Dear Mrs. Elna Noncebo Chikudza-Patsika,

Congratulations on being selected among the Angaza Awards 2024 Honorees! This prestigious recognition is a testament to your outstanding contributions and unwavering dedication to the microfinance sector.

Your exemplary leadership as the Managing Director of Zibuko Capital has not only propelled the organization to new heights but has also raised the flag of ZAMFI and microfinance across Africa. Your commitment to excellence and tireless efforts in driving positive change are truly commendable.

As you continue to soar and make waves in the industry, we extend our heartfelt wishes for continued success. May your journey be filled with even more achievements, opportunities, and impactful milestones.

Congratulations once again on this well-deserved honor. Here’s to your ongoing success and making a lasting difference in the world of microfinance.

A Big Conratulations to Mrs Elna Noncebo Chikudza

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